Welcome to The Liber8 Collective

Creating a lifestyle of awareness, together.

About Us

The Liber8 Collective is a community of awareness-driven people committed to taking their mental, emotional, and spiritual health journeys in their own hands so they can better support others and experience their happiest, healthiest, most wholesome selves.

Why You Should Join The Liber8 Collective

This community is for courageous people who want to: 

  • Take their healing journey into their own hands. 
  • Feel better on ALL plains of reality (mental, emotional, physical & spiritual). 
  • Know themselves at the deepest levels
  • Have a level of accountability that keeps them motivated when things get tough. 
  • Experience a data-driven healing journey powered by personalized tools & recommendations.  
  • Build more confidence to hold space and support others as they work towards healing their emotional terrain.

What You Get

As a member of the Liber8 Collective, you’ll access:

  • Latest Logging & Mapping Best Practices - keep elevating your self-awareness by using our frameworks for knowing yourself better

  • A monthly curriculum of tailored training workshops, expert guests, and practices - precision healing happens on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Our ongoing workshops will equip you with the know-how to understand healing modalities and processes to make integration easier. 

  • Live Practice Sessions - so you can get ongoing support from the Liber8 team and keep practicing your experienced buddy skills. 

  • Regular Office Hours - for access to the Liber8 team so you can get your questions answered, share feedback, and make requests and recommendations. 

  • Community Support from like-minded people - Connect with, network, support, and get supported by people who are all dedicated to healing their emotional terrains.

  • Access Tailored Resource Recommendations - so you can save time, money, and energy with personalized recommendations that activate the PRECISION healing path.

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